C 7: VII. The Totality of the Kingdom, P 9

VII. The Totality of the Kingdom, P 9

9 Being the part of your mind that does not believe it is responsible for itself, and being without allegiance to God, the ego is incapable of trust. Projecting its insane belief that you have been treacherous to your Creator, it believes that your brothers, who are as incapable of this as you are, are out to take God from you. Whenever a brother attacks another, that is what he believes. Projection always sees your wishes in others. If you choose to separate yourself from God, that is what you will think others are doing to you.


The ego does not think it is responsible for itself so it is always looking for someone to blame. I am vigilant for blame thoughts knowing that this is ego. When I notice them I ask that my mind be healed of the idea that someone else is responsible for my life. This is the way the ego is undone. I choose against it.

The ego has no allegiance to God and so is incapable of trust. I notice when I feel uncertain and doubtful, and I know I must be giving the ego my allegiance. I make a different choice, the only one that makes sense. I choose to place my allegiance in God and to trust Him. This is another way that I undo the ego.

The ego is the idea that I have been treacherous to God. This is insane, but believing it has effects that keep me embroiled in guilt and fear. I cannot be treacherous to God because that would imply God could be hurt, and that God could be offended. God does not have an ego to be offended and God cannot be hurt or diminished by my choices. When I feel guilt or fear I know I am identifying with ego and I choose again. This is the way to undo the ego.

When I am identified with ego, I do believe in treachery and so I believe my brothers are as capable of treachery as I am. This makes them seem dangerous to me. Because I project blame on them, I suspect they are doing the same thing to me. It is like they are pointing their finger at me and saying, “Look, God, I am innocent. She is the guilty one.” This is how I see them as taking God from me.

The ego says I must defend myself by finding more fault in them than they find in me. But the solution is to notice what is happening when I project onto others and let the belief in guilt be undone in my own mind. When I do that, I will see the belief in guilt being expressed by my brother and instead of feeling threatened I will simply see a call for love and ask that this belief be healed in our mind. This is the way the ego is undone in our mind.

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