C 7: V. Healing and the Changelessness of Mind, P 4

V. Healing and the Changelessness of Mind, P 4

4 Healing only strengthens. Magic always tries to weaken. Healing perceives nothing in the healer that everyone else does not share with him. Magic always sees something “special” in the healer, which he believes he can offer as a gift to someone who does not have it. He may believe that the gift comes from God to him, but it is quite evident that he does not understand God if he thinks he has something that others lack.


I am healed as I allow myself to be healed. It is as simple as that, and it is unfailing. I desire to remember who I am through forgetting who I thought I was, and it is done. I am strengthened each time I allow any healing at all, because each time I allow healing my mind is illuminated to the degree I am ready. As I remember who I am I accept the strength of God that is mine.

Magic always tries to weaken, because magic tries to convince me that I am less than what I am. I take medicine and I must believe that the power to heal lies outside my mind; therefore my mind must be weak. I solve my financial problems through shifting around the elements of the illusion so that I now prefer the way they appear, and I have convinced myself that the illusion is more powerful than mind.

Regardless of the form it takes, all problems are one problem and there is only one true solution. That solution is the Holy Spirit in my mind. As I call on that solution, my memory returns and I know who I am. This is strength. Attempting to solve my problems any other way, robs me of the memory of the strength available to me so it weakens me.

The solution may call for action in the world, but that action will be dictated from the Source of all Strength and so will not weaken. Believing that my solution comes from something outside me shifting and changing, weakens my trust and that makes the appearance of weakness. Of course, I cannot, as God’s Son, be weakened. But I can be confused and believe that I am weakened and what I believe is true for me.

As a healer I am calling on the strength of God and the Knowledge of God that is within me and part of me, but if I believe that it is in me alone, I am truly confused. In my confusion I forget who I am and I lose the certainty that allowed healing to occur through me. Even if the healer is aware that the healing is coming through her, she is still confused if she believes this makes her special.

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