C 7: IV. Healing as the Recognition of Truth P 7

IV. Healing as the Recognition of Truth P 7

7 Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate only truly because they are the laws of truth. But seek this only, because you can find nothing else. There is nothing else. God is All in all in a very literal sense. All being is in Him Who is all Being. You are therefore in Him since your being is His. Healing is a way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in you, by not recognizing its existence in your brother. This strengthens the Holy Spirit in both of you, because it is a refusal to acknowledge fear. Love needs only this invitation. It comes freely to all the Sonship, being what the Sonship is. By your awakening to it, you are merely forgetting what you are not. This enables you to remember what you are.


“God is All in all in a very literal sense.” God is All so I cannot be something separate from God. I am in God, part of Him. This means I am beyond all harm and there is nothing to fear. If there was something to fear it would mean scary stuff is in God, but God is Love and so this cannot be true. This is what I am to remember.

“Healing is a way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in you, by not recognizing its existence in your brother.” Because I had forgotten who I am and where I am, healing was needed. Before we accepted the idea of separation there was no fear. It is the ego that induces the sense of danger we feel. That makes sense to me, because if there were no bodies and if there was only one in harmony within Itself and in God, where would the danger come from? In God there are no bodies and no disharmony, therefore there is nothing to fear.

I was thinking of my son as I read this. He had surgery recently in the hopes of ending years of pain. The pain is receding only slowly and he is afraid it might not go away at all. It might seem to the ego mind that the loving thing would be for me to commiserate with him, to be afraid for him and with him.

The ego mind says, “I am so afraid for my son. I can’t stand to think of him being in pain forever. I am afraid he will give up if this surgery doesn’t work. I am afraid for him because I love him.” But is this really love? Is love fear? If I believe his fear thoughts and join him in that fear, I only increase the belief in fear in both of us. Do I believe in God, or do I believe in fear? Do I want to teach Love or do I want to teach fear? What I teach is what I learn.

There is fear in my son’s mind, but there is also God. I choose which I support, and I can as easily choose to support the truth in his mind as I can choose to support the fear in his mind. It is up to me. Which do I want to make stronger for both of us? By choosing to acknowledge love rather than fear as real, I am choosing and therefore strengthening the Holy Spirit in my son and in myself.

The sane choice is obvious and the only reason there is any disturbance in my mind is because I have chosen wrongly so often that I have taught myself to believe in something that does not even exist. There is no fear in God, so there is no fear. Now I am teaching myself to forget the false lesson I have learned so well, so that I can remember the truth.

It is simple and easy to do. If I feel fear, I seek first and only the Kingdom of God. God loves me and doesn’t want me to suffer so it is His Will that I return to His Love. Because it is His Will, there is no possibility of failure. I am meant for love not for fear. Because I want both my son and myself to be free of suffering, I continue to forget the lessons of pain and fear that I learned from the ego. I continue to disregard appearances, and I remember for us both that there is only God’s Love.

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