C 7: II. The Law of the Kingdom, P 5

II. The Law of the Kingdom, P 5

5 The Holy Spirit’s purpose in translating is exactly the opposite. He translates only to preserve the original meaning in all respects and in all languages. Therefore, He opposes the idea that differences in form are meaningful, emphasizing always that these differences do not matter. The meaning of His message is always the same; only the meaning matters. God’s law of creation does not involve the use of truth to convince His Sons of truth. The extension of truth, which is the law of the Kingdom, rests only on the knowledge of what truth is. This is your inheritance and requires no learning at all, but when you disinherited yourself you became a learner of necessity.


Truth is my inheritance and so nothing was required of me to have truth, and to be truth. But then I chose something else to believe and thus disinherited myself of truth. Now I must learn truth to have it again. This is why I was given A Course in Miracles to help me learn what I have forgotten.

It seems the ego wants only to judge me and condemn me, and then to blame it on my brothers. But ultimately, the ego wants me to be most afraid of the God of its own making, a God that mirrors its own faults. It is the fear of this judgmental and condemning God that keeps me hunkered down in the ego trying to avoid being found by Him. And all the time, God’s boundless love for me blinds Him to my faults. In me He sees only the perfection of His creation, the echo of the Love that He Is.

I think of my life and the ego rolls out the past with its undeniable proof of my faults and my shortcomings. If I can’t stand to look anymore, it gives me a preview of a dismal future in which I am condemned to repeat the past, which follows me with relentless determination that nothing will ever change.

I try to unravel the many problems and regrets and attempt to somehow atone for my sins in a useless attempt to avert the inevitable future the ego has shown me. I become entangled in the complexity of it all. Too many problems. Too much to take in. Too impossible to figure it all out and to somehow make it all right.

And yet, Jesus says that I can bring each of these thorny problems to the Holy Spirit and He will reinterpret them for me. I will then see that there really are not a lot of problems but only this one: I think that I am the ego and that the ego is separate from God, and that God is offended by this perceived separateness.

He reassures me that this cannot be true. He reminds me that nothing has happened, I am innocent, and that God only knows how to love me. It doesn’t seem to matter how huge my sin or how enormous my fear, the answer never changes; I am innocent and God loves to love me.

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