C 6: IV. The only Answer, P 6

IV. The only Answer, P 6

6 Hear, then, the one answer of the Holy Spirit to all the questions the ego raises: You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him. Nothing else exists and only this is real. You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake. There will be nothing left of your dream when you hear Him, because you will awaken. Your dreams contain many of the ego’s symbols and they have confused you. Yet that was only because you were asleep and did not know. When you wake you will see the truth around you and you will no longer believe in dreams, because they will have no reality for you. Yet the Kingdom and all that you have created there will have great reality for you, because they are beautiful and true.


Here is what happens each time I bring a grievance to the Holy Spirit. I sit with Him and tell Him all about it. I show Him why I believe the problem is real and has serious consequences. I let Him see my rage. Or I let Him see how frightened I am or how hurt. Then I ask Him to heal my mind and He says, “It’s OK, Honey. It’s just a bad dream. You are sleeping and in your sleep you dreamed this happened. It’s time to wake up now.”

I say, “But what about my finances? What if I lose my job or can’t pay my bills?” He says, “You are dreaming. You are safe. Your Father loves you and cares for you.” I say, What about my fear of heights?” He says, “It’s a dream. You are being called to awaken.” “Ok, I see that, but when I think of my precious son having surgery next week, it feels very real and the possible consequences feel so scary. I can afford to dismiss my problems, but I am afraid to ignore this one. I don’t know how to ignore it.” He says, “Your son is safe, too. He is just dreaming of pain and suffering. He is God’s beloved son, too, and nothing he dreams can change that.”

No matter what I bring to Spirit, no matter how extreme the circumstances seem, no matter how afraid I am, no matter how different the form the problems seem to take, the answer is always the same. I am dreaming. Am I guilty? Is the other person guilty? No. We are just dreaming of guilt. It makes me think of the movie, Inception. They had so many layers of the dream going, that they would become confused and would need a totem to let them know when they were still dreaming or when they were awake.

So how do I know if I am dreaming? Jesus says that the Holy Spirit always says, “You are a child of God, a priceless part of His Kingdom, which He created as part of Him. Nothing else exists and only this is real.” Do I imagine that God created fear and guilt, pain and suffering? I am a priceless part of His Kingdom, a part of God. I cannot experience what God does not experience.

That is my totem. I look at my thoughts and my experiences and I ask myself, “Could I be in God right now and still have this experience?” If the answer is no, then I am dreaming. But that I even questioned it must mean that I am being called to awaken. God is calling me to wake up and I hear His Voice.

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