The Way Home

The Way Home

The Way Home is a 501(c)3 , a tax exempt religious non profit. I serve as the president/minister. Our purpose is to help people receive the spiritual education they desire. We can do that through providing books and courses related to A Course in Miracles. We exist on the generosity of donations. We use nearly all the money we receive for this purpose as our expenses are minimal. All donations are tax deductible.

Our Mission Statement:

To support the Awakening Son as a whole through supporting the individual in his journey. We do this through our prayerful intent, through providing educational opportunities, through providing opportunities to join and share as Jesus asks us to do in A Course in Miracles, and in remaining true to our own journey. We do this as we provide spiritual guidance, spiritual teaching, opportunities for shared worship, and world wide fellowship, resources and services beneficial to that mission. We do this individually, as an organization, and in support of other like minded organizations with the same purpose and goals. All that we do is through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our Purpose:

An assembly of equals joined with each other and with the Holy Spirit for the purpose of Awakening to our one true Self in God.

To help us meet our goal to provide monetary support for ACIM students please donate on this page. Thank you for your help.