Lesson 77

I am entitled to miracles.

You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. You will receive miracles because of what God is. And you will offer miracles because you are one with God. Again, how simple is salvation! It is merely a statement of your true Identity. It is this that we will celebrate today.

Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself. It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any of the rituals you have devised. It is inherent in the truth of what you are. It is implicit in what God your Father is. It was ensured in your creation, and guaranteed by the laws of God.

Today we will claim the miracles which are your right, since they belong to you. You have been promised full release from the world you made. You have been assured that the Kingdom of God is within you, and can never be lost. We ask no more than what belongs to us in truth. Today, however, we will also make sure that we will not content ourselves with less.

Begin the longer practice periods by telling yourself quite confidently that you are entitled to miracles. Closing your eyes, remind yourself that you are asking only for what is rightfully yours. Remind yourself also that miracles are never taken from one and given to another, and that in asking for your rights, you are upholding the rights of everyone. Miracles do not obey the laws of this world. They merely follow from the laws of God.

After this brief introductory phase, wait quietly for the assurance that your request is granted. You have asked for the salvation of the world, and for your own. You have requested that you be given the means by which this is accomplished. You cannot fail to be assured in this. You are but asking that the Will of God be done.

In doing this, you do not really ask for anything. You state a fact that cannot be denied. The Holy Spirit cannot but assure you that your request is granted. The fact that you accepted must be so. There is no room for doubt and uncertainty today. We are asking a real question at last. The answer is a simple statement of a simple fact. You will receive the assurance that you seek.

Our shorter practice periods will be frequent, and will also be devoted to a reminder of a simple fact. Tell yourself often today:

I am entitled to miracles.

Ask for them whenever a situation arises in which they are called for. You will recognize these situations. And since you are not relying on yourself to find the miracle, you are fully entitled to receive it whenever you ask.

Remember, too, not to be satisfied with less than the perfect answer. Be quick to tell yourself, should you be tempted:

I will not trade miracles for grievances. I want only what
belongs to me. God has established miracles as my right.



The Holy Spirit Encourages Me

This is from an early journal from when I was beginning to accept this lesson but the ego mind was resistant. Even as I meditated on this lesson and let my heart absorb this statement of truth, the ego mind was busy bringing me things to distract me. First, it was a memory of an embarrassing moment. I thought that this is what the ego offers. Endless lives of separation stories and even within the stories, endless repetition in the form of memories I would rather forget. I can continue this for eons more, or I can have the miracles I am entitled to.

Then the ego tried worry over the future to distract me from knowing that I am entitled to miracles. I have an unpleasant job to do and I started thinking about that. As it played out in my mind I realized that I am worried that the image of Myron that I have so carefully constructed is going to be marred. Actually, more to the point and the reason for my anxiety, is that the mask I wear over my insecurities is going to be pulled awry and I will be exposed. I could have miracles instead of this. I am entitled to them.

I gathered all the fearful and guilty thoughts I could find this morning, stuffed them into a wastebasket and handed them over to the Holy Spirit to remove for me. Oh wait, there are some grievances here. Let me take out that trash as well. I’m cleaning house, making room for miracles.

Here is an excerpt from my book, “Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again.”

Holy Spirit: Many times you have experienced the miracle of changing your mind. Sometimes it seemed hard, but it was always your resistance that caused it to be difficult. Once you stopped resisting, it simply was. That is the way it always is. The miracle simply waits for your acceptance. The more often you accept miracles, the less resistance you will have to them. Their glad results will motivate you to lower your resistance much more quickly. When you feel like you are being denied a miracle, remember that this is your own resistance. Be willing to change your mind about that, and it will be done. If you cannot yet choose joy over pain, then forgive yourself for this. Be gentle and loving to yourself. Be infinitely patient. I am.

Me: I am always astounded that I still can resist Your help, but I am becoming more patient with myself thanks to You.

The Miracle of the Box 

One morning my throat was sore and I was having trouble speaking. This had been going on for several weeks. Here is what I wrote in my journal about it.

I am willing to release the belief behind this manifestation. I asked for help, and here is one thought I received. I was created unlimited, vast, without boundaries. To experience separation it was necessary for me to create boundaries. It is like I drew lines, made a box in which I see myself existing. I revise that box in every moment with each thought I accept as truth and give value to. I erase that box as I remember my true nature. The dimensions of that box are a symbol of my acceptance or rejection of myself as Spirit.

When I asked the Holy Spirit to look at the issue concerning my voice I was asking Him to look with me at a line that I have drawn, which has placed limits on the unlimited. I have done the impossible and so it is not truth, but it is my experience because it is the experience I want. Experiencing the clearly impossible as if it were possible and real is an expression of my unlimited Self.

As I watched my thoughts, I noticed fear coming up. When I expressed a willingness to look more closely at that fear I saw that it was a fear of not speaking. I love to speak. I love to share what Spirit gives me. I love to use my voice to help others. I use my voice to earn my living. So I am afraid of losing my voice.

What I saw next was a long narrow box, which represented myself as a speaker. I am defining myself as one who fits only within that box. I am one who speaks. I am one who is a speaker. I am one who receives praise, love, acceptance, a sense of purpose, and meaning from speaking. As I realized these things, I saw in my mind’s eye this box being drawn with bold dark lines, lines it would be hard to obscure or erase or even expand. I saw the box being embellished and made more attractive, even beautiful. But it still remained just a box with very firm limits.

Then I stood back from the box and saw that it existed within a brilliant light that did not seem to end. I could not find its edges. I saw that I am not that box with its boundaries so clearly defined. I am not the one who must speak to be. I am not the one who is defined by what, if anything, I say. I am not that. Rather, I am the light, unlimited and brilliant, and I have no lines that I did not draw myself. There is no box that I did not freely step into, and the box is without substance. It is just imaginary lines drawn around a small bit of the light which I am, created by a thought of a box, and easily erased by the thought of no box. What a miracle!

A Miracle of a Changed Perception

Here is a miracle that occurred. I have been feeling so much joy and peace and I have also felt love flowing through me that was directed toward God. I mean, I will feel the bubbling up of this great love and I will think how much I love God and how much He loves me. It feels wonderful. It is not all the time, but I noticed that I miss it when it is not there and I as I become willing for it to return, it does.

So I am driving to see my next customer and feeling all these lovely things, and the ego (feeling left out, I guess) reminds me of something I did when I was younger that triggers a feeling of shame. I have had this happen before, of course, but this time, a miracle occurred. I immediately had the thought that “she” is just so precious. Sure she was very afraid a lot of the time and acted impulsively, and she had lots of guilt she didn’t understand. She was just so confused. But she is so precious.

I didn’t think this up and I have never had such a thought before – I mean, nothing like that. And with the thought came so much love and acceptance. It was like I stood completely outside that younger me, and all I could see was her innocence. It made me so happy to just know how innocent she is.

Afterward, I thought that I was finally accepting that the past is not there and that even in that nonexistent past when something seemed to be happening, it was meaningless. But that was just the mind trying to figure it out and put it in one of those boxes. ~smile~ Whatever it was, it was a  miracle, and I am grateful for it. It changed things.

Love Makes the Miracle Possible

This year I have no doubt that I am entitled to miracles, and in fact, they are ongoing. In fact, if I am not experiencing miracles it must be that I am blocking them, deliberately choosing against them. The miracle is the change of mind, and the effect is happiness and peace. Sometimes the effect is a different experience. But the cause is a changed mind. When my mind changes it always shifts to love and while the love is expressed in different ways, and while the effect is sometimes seen and sometimes I don’t even know what was done through me, it always brings love into play.

In Helen’s notes, there is one story in which Jesus is explaining how the miracles are interlocked to form a strong chain. In this example, we see that one miracle, one decision for love, affected several people and probably more. The effect of the miracle was described by Jesus, but also the love that made it possible. Helen loved and cared for the children and it was this love, this remembering that she is her brother’s keeper, that made the miracles possible. The effect that this story had on me was to make me want to be in a state of continuous love and devotion so that I would always be miracle ready. This is entirely possible because love is what I am. If I was dedicated to removing the blocks to love’s presence before, that dedication is now renewed and strengthened.

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rosemarie tropf · March 17, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Myron I love the part you said about putting the box around ourselves. I do that. This lesson brought up fear for me. I felt a fear of miracles. And like the lesson said I do tend to feel an allegiance to my various sufferings. The way that I word my allegiances to suffering is:”how can this pain go away just like that? Another one is: ‘who would I be if I wasn’t suffering all the time?” Or, “What would people think of me if I suddenly got well. They would think I have been faking it.” More allegiances to pain: “Not holding onto my grievances might be considered being hoity toity. Not holding onto grievances might be seen as uppity. Who do I think I am to just let go of this stuff, everyone suffers, that’s just life!” I guess that’s my box ay? A miracle? Who are you kidding?
Well I know those are just thoughts and I also know they are intense fear because I feel separated from God. (Lesson 41). But I wanted to vent them here so I can’t hide them. Those thoughts stop the very miracle I am asking for. The Course says a miracle is a change in perception. I have my perception just by writing my allegiances here. The Course also says, “Forgiveness is when I let go of false perceptions with Holy Spirit’s guidance.” Holy Spirit guides every day. But as long as I don’t acknowledge changed perceptions no one can take them away from me. I hoard them in my every day life. Hows that for ego mind mucking around in my miracle path? LOL Holy Spirit I ask forgiveness for these thoughts and I ask to receive more miracles in this constant false perception of no miracles. I am grateful for Holy Spirit’s guidance and for Myron’s help.

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