X. Open-Mindedness

1 The centrality of open-mindedness, perhaps the last of the attributes the teacher of God acquires, is easily understood when its relation to forgiveness is recognized. Open-mindedness comes with lack of judgment. As judgment shuts the mind against God’s Teacher, so open-mindedness invites Him to come in. As condemnation judges the Son of God as evil, so open-mindedness permits him to be judged by the Voice for God on His behalf. As the projection of guilt upon him would send him to hell, so open-mindedness lets Christ’s image be extended to him. Only the open-minded can be at peace, for they alone see reason for it.



What I understand from this paragraph is that I am open-minded when I open my mind to the Holy Spirit. Instead of judging the circumstance, I ask the Holy Spirit what it means. Instead of judging my brother, I ask the Holy Spirit who he is. This is the same thing as forgiving.

Let’s say that someone offended me. That would be the ego version of me as that is the only part of myself that could be offended. I recognize that I am not at peace and so I open my mind and heart to the Holy Spirit and ask for another way to see. The resentment falls away and my mind is at peace. I am happy.

You could say that I have forgiven this one who seemed to have offended me and that I have forgiven my projections onto him. And you could say that I have forgiven myself for believing such insane things about myself and my brothers. This is how open-mindedness relates to forgiveness. I could not achieve forgiveness without this openness to the Holy Spirit. As a result of a consistent practice of being open the Holy Spirit and willing to receive His correction, it is very hard to offend me. And if I feel offended, I know what to do.

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