III. The Function of the Teacher of God, P 2

2 To them God’s teachers come, to represent another choice which they had forgotten. The simple presence of a teacher of God is a reminder. His thoughts ask for the right to question what the patient has accepted as true. As God’s messengers, His teachers are the symbols of salvation. They ask the patient for forgiveness for God’s Son in his own Name. They stand for the Alternative. With God’s Word in their minds they come in benediction, not to heal the sick but to remind them of the remedy God has already given them. It is not their hands that heal. It is not their voice that speaks the Word of God. They merely give what has been given them. Very gently they call to their brothers to turn away from death. Behold, you Son of God, what life can offer you. Would you choose sickness in place of this?



In the previous paragraph, Jesus tells us that we cannot change the patient’s mind. Now he tells us how we can help. As a teacher of God, we stand for the truth. We stand for the Alternative. We do not come to heal the sick, but simply to remind them of the remedy God has already given them. We give them our certainty that they are still as God created them. We do this not with our hands or our voice. Our mind calls to their mind through the truth that is in both. We are symbols of salvation.

This is how I pray for people. I simply remember who they are. I remember that pain and sickness are not real. I remember that this is not God’s Will for His children and so it cannot be. I see in my mind, not the sick and hopeless, but the flawless children of God. I see the truth in their mind blazing into life, guiding them, comforting them and healing any remaining confusion in our mind. I see the essence of who we are and know that we are joined in perfect communion within the Mind of God. I merely give what I have been given.