IX. Faithfulness, P 2

2 True faithfulness, however, does not deviate. Being consistent, it is wholly honest. Being unswerving, it is full of trust. Being based on fearlessness, it is gentle. Being certain, it is joyous. And being confident, it is tolerant. Faithfulness, then, combines in itself the other attributes of God’s teachers. It implies acceptance of the Word of God and His definition of His Son. It is to Them that faithfulness in the true sense is always directed. Toward Them it looks, seeking until it finds. Defenselessness attends it naturally, and joy is its condition. And having found, it rests in quiet certainty on that alone to which all faithfulness is due.



Because I have the opportunity as a minister to work with people on a more formal basis, I have seen both sides of faith. I have been both faithless and faithful. Because I have been a Course student for many years and because I am faithful to that study and practice, I have always grown in the direction of faithfulness.

Here is an example. I used to have a student who seemed determined to hold onto his way of thinking even though it was clearly hurting him. He could see the result and see the sense of letting it go, but he could not bring himself to allow the healing he clearly wanted. I had the thought that this was never going to happen and could not understand why he kept coming back.

But, while I did not have faith in him or even in myself, I had faith in the Holy Spirit. If he was in my life, he was there for a reason and I had to trust that. I had to watch my mind for the thoughts that displayed a lack of trust and intolerance and give those thoughts to the Holy Spirit for purification. I had to be careful I did not become defensive toward him. I had to ask for patience and I had to learn to be gentle with him as he struggled with his ego.

He was a perfect student for me in those early days. He and I grew together. I watched the attributes of a teacher of God become stronger in me and I watched as his healing unfolded. It was a humbling experience and one I would not forget. I stumble from time to time, but I understand now something else Jesus explains in the Course. It is not for me to doubt my brother, nor to decide the progression of his path, where it will take him or how quickly. I’ve learned to recognize the perfection of each person’s awakening and all I had to do was learn to keep the faith.