IV. Practicing the Holy Instant, P 6

6 The reason this course is simple is that truth is simple. Complexity is of the ego, and is nothing more than the ego’s attempt to obscure the obvious. You could live forever in the holy instant, beginning now and reaching to eternity, but for a very simple reason. Do not obscure the simplicity of this reason, for if you do, it will be only because you prefer not to recognize it and not to let it go. The simple reason, simply stated, is this: The holy instant is a time in which you receive and give perfect communication. This means, however, that it is a time in which your mind is open, both to receive and give. It is the recognition that all minds are in communication. It therefore seeks to change nothing, but merely to accept everything.



Well, I guess that I am not as open to the holy instant as I thought. Jesus says that the truth is simple and if it seems complex to me, I must be obscuring it for my own reasons, and that is what I seem to be doing because it doesn’t seem simple to me. He said that I could live forever in the holy instant beginning now but for some simple reason. He said that the holy instant is a time in which you give and receive perfect communication.

That is when I started getting confused and I thought that this is not simple. What is perfect communication? Instead of telling me, he tells me why I don’t have it and probably don’t want it. I would have to keep my mind open to both receive and give. I’m not sure what this looks like. I mean, how do I do this? When am I not doing it?

Well, I guess I have closed my mind to receiving when I ask for healing but it does not seem to occur. I noticed this morning that I feel the tug of the pendulum as it swings back from the excitement and fun of Christmas. I am not depressed, but neither am I happy. I talked to Holy Spirit about this. I want to be at peace again.

But then I feel drawn to the sad story of how everyone is gone and how I feel kind of empty now. The ego also offers me a little drama around how each person reacted during our family gathering. I know that this is just the ego interpretation of each person’s behavior and that I have never been made glad and peaceful by listening to the ego mind.

How interesting, though, the attraction that bit of drama holds for me. I think that is what Jesus may be talking about when he says that I must be open to receive. I want to be at peace but I seem to also be attracted to feelings other than peace, and therefore my mind is not open only to peace and that is the only way I can have it.

He then says that it is the recognition that all minds are in communication. This does not seem uncomplicated to me, so I asked the Holy Spirit to help me understand. I began to understand that on this level, the level of the illusion in which we dream of separation, we each seem to have our own separate mind that is in no way open to other minds. And to be honest, a part of me is grateful for that. That part is clearly the ego mind.

On another level, a level not generally accessed here, our minds are in constant communication. I don’t have a conscious awareness of this and that is part of the reason it doesn’t make sense to me. And, still being somewhat identified with the ego, I am not completely open to this level of communication. Ok, I am beginning to see how I am resisting the holy instant.

Then Jesus says this. It therefore seeks to change nothing, but merely to accept everything. I think I understand this. If I were consciously aware of the communication that occurs between our minds, I would understand why everyone does everything they do. I would know the underlying purpose of life. I would be aware of the absolute love that we all share.

Why then, would I want to change anything? What if everything happening to me is perfect for my true purpose and that everyone else is profoundly in love with me and wants only my highest good, and that I want this for them as well? Would the situations and the words and actions of others be something I would reject and defend against? Or would I simply accept everything in complete peace and joy because I would know all that we experience is in our best interest? I want to know again what it feels like to be so deeply connected to everyone.