IV. Practicing the Holy Instant, P 5

5 I stand within the holy instant, as clear as you would have me. And the extent to which you learn to accept me is the measure of the time in which the holy instant will be yours. I call to you to make the holy instant yours at once, for the release from littleness in the mind of the host of God depends on willingness, and not on time.



Oooh! I love this: …for the release of littleness in the mind of the host of God depends on willingness, and not on time. I want the holy instant, instantly! Except when I when I want something else instead. I have learned to be very vigilant for those beliefs I have made seem real when they are not actually true at all. Those are the thoughts that must be undone.

It has required some effort on my part to do this, actually, quite a bit of effort over a period of time. So it is the awareness of and the willingness to release those untrue beliefs that takes time… until it doesn’t. My motivation has grown and my dedication is much stronger now and this is because success has proven to me that this effort is worthwhile. I am devoted to the peace of God as my only goal, and undoing the ego is the only way to have the peace of God consistently.

Littleness can come into the mind in all sorts of ways. I did a lot of unaccustomed physical labor yesterday and today I am reminded of the muscles that I don’t use a lot. I turn a certain way or bend a certain way and I feel the discomfort. My first thought is from the ego that insists this means something, and as I dismiss that thought of littleness, I smile in welcome to peace of mind.

I am invited to a Christmas party and I feel reluctant to go. I don’t know most of the people who will be there and I think how uncomfortable that will be. I don’t know what to say or how to interact with these strangers. I let that thought of littleness go as I realize that I don’t have to use my ego mind at this party, and there are no true strangers there, only brothers and sisters in Christ. I can be the quiet listener and I can extend love instead of feeling separate. I notice how peaceful that idea feels. It must be from my Magnitude.

Even as I wonder if my daughter is going to like the gift I gave her, I notice littleness insisting that it won’t be satisfactory and if my gift is not accepted then that means I am not accepted. What a strange thought to hold about my daughter and myself. Clearly, littleness has become far too prevalent in my thoughts, but with this awareness, I can choose to see differently and allow magnitude to replace littleness in my mind.

I cannot be little because I was created by a magnificent God to be an extension of His magnificence. I must, then, be magnificent as well. What a thought! If I am to extend God’s Kingdom forever and beyond limit, I must stop giving attention and belief to these little thoughts. I am willing to do that. My willingness assures my success, sooner rather than later.


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