Lesson 285
My holiness shines bright and clear today.

Today I wake with joy, expecting but the happy things of God to come to me. I ask but them to come, and realize my invitation will be answered by the thoughts to which it has been sent by me. And I will ask for only joyous things the instant I accept my holiness. For what would be the use of pain to me, what purpose would my suffering fulfill, and how would grief and loss avail me if insanity departs from me today, and I accept my holiness instead?

Father, my holiness is Yours. Let me rejoice in it, and through forgiveness be restored to sanity. Your Son is still as You created him. My holiness is part of me, and also part of You. And what can alter Holiness Itself?



What can I do to more quickly experience my holiness?

Holy Spirit: Let go of self-will through asking for my guidance in all things. Be mindful of ego beliefs held in the mind and offer them for correction. Doing these things will remove the blocks that keep your holiness from your awareness. Do these things more effectively through nurturing your willingness and through giving Me moments of silence. As you quiet your mind of the ego chatter I will fill it with truth. I will remind you of your deepest desire, which is to know God. That desire will compel you to the vigilance that is still necessary at this time.

I woke up feeling tired still, and I had a headache. The ego wanted to point out all the reasons this was reasonable and even expected. But I know too much now to listen to that nonsense. I tried to remind myself of the truth as I read it in Lesson 190 and couldn’t remember the words although I have said it many times. At first, I felt discouraged by this and pulled the covers over my head to fall back into fitful, headachy sleep.

But, no. What I do remember is that I don’t want to preserve a little corner of my mind as a hospital for pain. So I got up and found my book and read Lesson 190 again. And I remembered that pain is not real. I was reminded that I but do this to myself. Here is the paragraph that I had trouble remembering and that is so helpful to me.

“It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way. There is no cause beyond yourself that can reach down and bring oppression. No one but yourself affects you. There is nothing in the world that has the power to make you ill or sad, or weak or frail. But it is you who have the power to dominate all things you see by merely recognizing what you are. As you perceive the harmlessness in them, they will accept your holy will as theirs. And what was seen as fearful now becomes a source of innocence and holiness.”

I let go of the tiredness and the headache. I made myself some delicious pumpkin spice coffee and I sat with Spirit as I enjoyed it. I allowed my mind to be filled with the truth instead of the ego nonsense. The morning is sweet, and though the ego mind doesn’t think this simple joy in the moment is enough and wants to fill my mind with plans and defenses and anxieties, I am content, for now, to sit here and let Spirit tell me how holy I am.


My thoughts cause my experience so, as is suggested in today’s lesson, let my thoughts call forth joy. If I notice thoughts that are untrue, I release them to the Holy Spirit for purification. I don’t want the experience they will bring. I am holy because I was created holy. Any thought that opposes that truth is not a thought I would keep.


Charles Legare · October 12, 2017 at 8:48 pm

TCIM instructs me that God’s son is perfectly holy, perfectly loving and perfectly lovable; the light of the world.
I must acknowledge this is the truth in everyone I encounter each day, whether in person or otherwise. Any thought I may have about anyone, that is contrary to this truth is a failure to see God’s light in them and a failure to see the light in myself. As soon as I am aware that I have judged a brother to be imperfect in any way, I need to ask for their forgiveness for sharing that “ego” thought with them and remind myself of their true holiness and the holiness of His creation. I will remind myself that as I judge my brother I am judging myself and that what I think is what I perceive. When I can see the holiness in my brothers and their light shines away the darkness that I have projected, I will know that I have forgiven them and also forgiven myself. The light that I see in my brother is me. So, I ask the holy spirit to watch over my thoughts, even while I sleep, and to help me correct by upside down thoughts as He is teaching me to heal.

Thank You for your thoughts and guidance.

Your brother,

    Rev. Myron Jones · October 13, 2017 at 7:28 am

    Charles, I especially like that you said this: I ask the holy spirit to watch over my thoughts, even while I sleep, and to help me correct by upside down thoughts as He is teaching me to heal.

    I often ask the HS to heal me as I sleep, or to wake me up as I sleep, but I like the way you phrased it better. It is more specific. I am going to use this from now on asking the HS to watch over my thoughts even while I sleep.

Charles Legare · October 13, 2017 at 3:09 pm

TCIM informes me that my mind never stops thinking and I am not aware of what my mind is thinking while I am sleeping. Ergo, it just seemed imperative that I ask the holy spirit to keep a watch on things while I sleep. I think that I am always sleeping in the holy spirit’s point of view but who is to say. I’ll take all the help that I can get 24/7′
Thank you for your thoughts and your guidance!

God’s son and your brother,

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