Lesson 280

What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?

Whom God created limitless is free. I can invent imprisonment for him, but only in illusions, not in truth. No Thought of God has left its Father’s Mind. No Thought of God is limited at all. No Thought of God but is forever pure. Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that he be limitless, and like Himself in freedom and in love?

Today let me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to You. Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love and You created limitless. The honor that I give to him is Yours, and what is Yours belongs to me as well.



Though they are only in my own mind, and far beyond the reach of Truth, I place limits on God’s Son so much that it is hard to keep up with it. I do it to myself and to those I know and to those I just happen to run across. It doesn’t matter since each different body is just a symbol of the separation thought. Sometimes the limit is obvious. I think someone is too fat, or dresses badly, or has a terrible haircut.

I think someone is rude or obnoxious. I think someone cannot write well, or speak well. I believe in someone’s sickness, suffering, or death. I look at someone else and think they are someone else, unconnected to me, alone and separate. Sometimes it is just a fleeting thought, hardly in my mind long enough for me to notice, but since I believe it, it shows me that I believe in limitation and would impose it on myself and others.

I sometimes hide the limits behind humility, or behind a compliment. I limit as I compare one person to another. I could never do what that one is doing, or look what an advanced soul she is. And right then I have limited everyone else and even her because while she has gone so far, she is not there. I hide it behind “love” as I tell my children they cannot do something by doing it for them or giving unneeded advice.

I limit through worry. What if I cannot do this, or if that happens? How will I handle something? Will I have enough money or enough time? The implication always being there is a limit. How often have I said that I can no longer do that because I am too old, or my memory is not as good as it used to be, or I just tend to be that way or this way?

Today I sat here thinking that I can’t understand why I hold onto the ego like I do. Why can’t I just let it go? I see what I am doing, and yet I keep doing it. The limitation implied is that I have no control over this, that something is keeping me in this place. I think of the many times the Holy Spirit has encouraged me to be patient and I think, there I go again trying to rush things; another limitation – I’m not able to be patient, never have been.

As I wonder how I can make all these changes, the Holy Spirit reminds me that there are not a million changes in behavior that I need to make, but only one change. In choosing the wrong teacher I learned to believe in limitation.

Holy Spirit: Dear one, you forget who you are and all that implies. You are the holy Son of God dreaming of bodies, pretending to be limited. You don’t need to learn to be unlimited, or even, as you were thinking, learn to not be limited. You only need to decide to be what you are instead of what you pretend to be.

Each time you notice one of the many forms that limitation can take you are deciding to remember who you are. Each time you use that moment to express your willingness to return to your true nature you are undoing the belief in limitation. It does not matter if the limitation seems to be on you or on someone else as it is not a particular behavior that needs correction, but the thought that caused the behavior.

Remember that you are completely responsible for everything you see in your world. If there seem to be limits everywhere you look, those limits are there because you want them there. Do not be discouraged by this discovery, but rejoice that you have decided to realize what is going on. Your willingness to accept responsibility is your freedom. It is the key to freedom from the belief in limits.

Me: Holy Spirit I feel very frustrated. I accept responsibility for my world. Well, really I don’t a lot of times because as soon as I said that, I remembered just yesterday thinking I felt bad because of something someone else said. But I do understand the concept of self-responsibility. What I don’t understand is why I cannot simply let go of the belief in limits. Why can’t I just wake up from this dream? I think I really want to and yet if I wanted to I would. What is wrong with me?

Holy Spirit: Precious child of God, remember that I said you forget who you are. That forgetfulness is not accidental. You choose to forget that you are holy beyond measure, perfect in a way that in your forgetfulness you can no longer even imagine. You choose forgetfulness because you believe what you have now is preferable. You would rather be ruler of a broken and limited kingdom that to be part of God’s kingdom. As long as you place some value in being separate from God, you will remain (in your mind, only) separate from God. You are created to be free, and that means you are free to be miserable if that is what you want.

Remember, though, that you are equally free to be joyful. There are no magic words to bring you to your joy. I know you want Me to give you those words which will free you from your own choices, but you do not need Me to do this for you. I will not teach you that you are limited in this way by doing for you what you can do for yourself. That would not be a kindness. Returning to your natural state, which I remind you does not change in spite of your dreams to the contrary, returning to your natural state is as simple as changing your mind. When you cease to value your dream it will end. Just like that.

And yes, again I will remind you, be patient with yourself. There are steps that must be taken, and you are taking them. Patience does not imply doing nothing. Continue to use every possible opportunity to become fully aware of your resistance. Continue to give Me what willingness you have in every moment. Though it seems small indeed, you may rest assured I will use it well. The little you do has a powerful effect on your mind. You are in the process of deciding differently. It seems to you to take a long time, but that is just an illusion.

Me: Thank you, Holy Spirit.


Last night as I was driving home, I was mentally reviewing my practice for the day. The primary focus seemed to have been on remembering who I am and letting go some of the blocks that prevent me from remembering. I was letting go of ego thoughts all day, watching them rise up and float away. Not very glamorous work, or very exciting to the ego’s way of thinking, but very helpful to the Sonship.

Thinking about it I was frustrated at how persistently the same thoughts returned all day, and how hard it can be to remember that the world is not real and I am not the one who imagines I am here. I thought how much easier it would be if I could feel, really feel, like my true self more often. Only a few times have I ever really gotten a glimpse of this.

I remembered the first time it happened and I had been driving then, as well. I had been in such blissful joy as I, for the first time, really understood that the Course was serious when it said I am not the dreamer but the one who dreams, and that I am still as God created me. I was allowing the truth of this to settle into my mind when suddenly my awareness was outside the body, and I saw that I was not the body, and I panicked. As I felt the fear everything shifted back to “normal.” I was sorry I had stopped it but I couldn’t get it back. Obviously, I was not entirely ready.

Thinking about this I realized that there has been a permanent shift. I don’t have that kind of vivid awareness of being outside the body, being the observer of the story, all the time, but when it occasionally happens it is not frightening to me. It feels strange and it is still too new to take in stride, but there is no fear. I felt grateful to the Holy Spirit to bring this to my attention. I don’t need to feel frustrated with myself. I am doing just what I need to do to wake up. It is happening. If I look at the world for proof that I am a body I will find it. But if I look for proof that I am God’s Son I will find that instead.

Thank you, God. I love you, God.


Two things have been very helpful to me this year. The first is the decision to accept that the peace of God is everything I want. When I find my mind wandering to some drama or other, or even to some pleasant fantasy, I remind myself that the peace of God is what I want. Then I give myself a moment to settle into that peace once again. Yes, that is what I want, what I value above all things in the world.

The second is that I surrender this body and this story to Jesus to use in the Atonement Plan. I will be far more useful if I don’t continually interfere by using the body to further the ego plan of separation. So when that temptation occurs I remember that I am not in charge anymore. I often do this when the mind is wandering.

It amazes me how often that mind chatter is about defense and attack. I will be having this intense mental conversation with someone in which I feel attacked and so defend myself when I will suddenly wake up to what I am doing and I give the whole thing to God. Defending myself is no longer my business.

Or I will become worried about a physical symptom and I will remember this is no longer my business. If there is something to be done about it I will be told. Often, it simply goes away once I stop obsessing about it. I don’t worry about my fading memory anymore. I ask that I be reminded when something needs my attention and I let go of the concern that I might forget.

I have also been reminding myself regularly that I am awake because I asked for this. But I have not yet experienced a significant shift in that direction. I still seem to resist, and while I find that to be ridiculous on my part, I am not particularly worried about it. I am doing what I am to do, watching my mind and releasing what I can. I surrender to the timing on this and to the perfection of it. No need to worry. I asked my Father to wake me up and so it is done.


What I love about reading the postings from the past is seeing how I have grown. This is where the progress is obvious. I also see that I never go backward, I never lose what I have gained. I might have to continue working on certain beliefs, but what I gained is not lost.

This morning I can add that through the group study of a Pathways of Light course called Living in the World While Waking Up, I have gotten much better at noticing the desire to live in the past or the future. When I notice this happening, I return my mind to the moment.

This has helped me tremendously. I am at peace even more than before, and even when I have to work at it, as I did when I was worried about my son, it helps me. It helps by breaking that cycle of worry. After all, the only reason I am worried is that things happened in the past that makes me think something is going to happen in the future. So I ask myself, “What is happening right now?” The anxiety melts away and I see how much happier I am as I stay right here in the present.

Another thing that I have gained from the study of that course is the realization that the Presence of Love can be found only in the present moment. When I first read about this it was not really meaningful to me. But as I practiced being in the moment, I began to notice the peace and the love and that indescribable joy that occurs for which there is no story attached. When I began to think of the past or the future, I lost this. So the experience of it is what motivates me to continue the practice. I am in awe to realize that in the present moment is where I meet God. Of course, I am going to keep practicing it until that is where I live.


I was listening to a teaching by Bentinho Massaro and he said something that is very helpful to me. I don’t remember his exact words but what I got from it is this. The world is hypnotic and if we don’t focus on our purpose, which is to overcome the world, if we don’t meditate every day so that we can remember why we are here, we get sucked back into this hypnotic state. It is helpful for me to think of it that way because it explains why I seem to still get pulled into the ego story. Getting pulled back into the story is normal. There is nothing wrong with me; I just need to do what it takes to stay anchored so this doesn’t happen.

It is helpful for me to think of it that way because it explains why I seem to still get pulled into the ego story. Getting pulled back into the story is normal. There is nothing wrong with me; I just need to do what it takes to stay anchored so this doesn’t happen.


Mel Santiago · October 7, 2017 at 3:37 pm

Wow, Myron thanks again for sharing your experience with the course. Since I am no longer in a study group, I find your journals so very inspirational and reaffirming.

    Rev. Myron Jones · October 8, 2017 at 6:41 am

    I’m glad to know we are sharing this journey, Mel, and that you were guided to this place. We are never alone, but it is helpful to have some brothers and sisters with whom to share both our concerns and our joys.

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