2 All differences among the Sons of God are temporary. Nevertheless, in time it can be said that the advanced teachers of God have the following characteristics:

I. Trust

1 This is the foundation on which their ability to fulfil their function rests. Perception is the result of learning. In fact, perception is learning, because cause and effect are never separated. The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a power that is in them but not of them. It is this power that keeps all things safe. It is through this power that the teachers of God look on a forgiven world.



How many times has Jesus emphasized that all differences between the Sons of God are temporary? At least three, I think. In time, however, there are differences, and so now we are going to read about the characteristics of the advanced teachers of God. Notice that he says advanced. We are all teachers of God at times and to the degree, we are presently able to do this. But there are some who are advanced teachers and none of them started that way. They had to do the work, just as we all do. These are the characteristics they have developed.

The first of these is trust, and we are to see that this is an important characteristic as Jesus is going into a lot of detail explaining it. In fact, he says: This is the foundation on which their ability to fulfil their function rests. Teachers of God have faith in the world, not as we typically perceive it, but because they know it is not governed by the laws we made up, but by the power that is in them but not of them.

Clearly, if I am looking at the world today through my ego mind, I see chaos and suffering everywhere I look. At its best, the world according to the laws we made, no matter how good it seems at any moment, is just on its way to another disaster. But if I forgive the world, I will perceive it as the Holy Spirit perceives it. That is the power that is in me but not of me.

I am not an advanced teacher of God, though I am more advanced than I used to be. What this means for me is that I am still in the process of forgiving the world we made, watching the errors we made come undone, and I am beginning to see the real world. It is still happening bit by bit for me, with peeks beneath the veil, spots that have worn thin, that encourage me to forgive and to make forgiveness my daily goal.

Those who are advanced teachers are awakened to the truth of the world and their perception allows them to see through the illusion to the love and the beauty that is really there. This is the world without guilt and fear, and though it is still an illusion it is an illusion that is closer to the truth.

Those teachers always teach for God, and nothing the body’s eyes show them has meaning for them. Their trust is not in the illusion, but in God, and it does not waver. We will all reach this level of trust one day, and consistent practice will bring us there sooner.