1 The surface traits of God’s teachers are not at all alike. They do not look alike to the body’s eyes, they come from vastly different backgrounds, their experiences of the world vary greatly, and their superficial “personalities” are quite distinct. Nor, at the beginning stages of their functioning as teachers of God, have they as yet acquired the deeper characteristics that will establish them as what they are. God gives special gifts to His teachers, because they have a special role in His plan for Atonement. Their specialness is, of course, only temporary; set in time as a means of leading out of time. These special gifts, born in the holy relationship toward which the teaching-learning situation is geared, become characteristic of all teachers of God who have advanced in their own learning. In this respect they are all alike.



As Jesus says, on the surface God’s teachers are not at all alike. But there is one way in which they are alike. They have special gifts geared for their part in His plan for Atonement. The specialness is temporary, of course. It applies only in time where it is needed. Perhaps one teacher is gifted as a scribe, perhaps another as a healer.

A teacher might be a dynamic speaker and another an effective writer. A teacher might be charismatic. Another teacher might be given a special curriculum and the means to carry it out. Think of the teacher of God who has inspired you and you may see that one has a different gift. More and more we are being gifted with teachers who have awakened and they have something special to offer, each one with a different way of offering it.

The teachers of God do not begin with all of the characteristics that Jesus will tell us about, at least they are not fully developed yet. They are not perfect; they are in the process of becoming perfect. As they teach they learn and these characteristics develop further and they become advanced teachers of God. I feel blessed when I am guided to my teachers and very grateful to them for their willingness.


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