Forgiveness brings us Home.


by Lana Carolan

As we read the text of ACIM, Jesus clearly states that its goal is Peace…not any Peace the world gives us, but a deep Peace that is not affected by anything that happens in the world. And it is TRUE. I’ve had amazing experiences that have demonstrated the Peace of God. “my” world can seem to be spinning and falling down around me and yet I stay in Peace. I don’t understand it. The human mind cannot grasp how it is possible and yet it is. It is like living in the eye of a cyclone. I remain still and calm while “my” world spins around me in all kinds of emotional or physical mayhem. And here i am resting in the Peace of God.

For me, there is a process. It is called Forgiveness. By aligning my mind with my singular Goal, The Peace of God, I notice any fear or conflict and I recognize “This need not be” I just observe, and do not resist the thoughts/feelings that show up. But i do embrace forgiveness thru my willingness to see it differently, and i ask God “What am i seeing/feeling that is NOT there?” I notice all the thoughts/feelings as I remain still. I am merely the observer of that which i am aware of. Then, I WILL there be Light and it is given. At this point, I am the WILLINGNESS and nothing more. All has been given to Spirit for healing. Then I Rest in God as miracles take over. I send Love to whomever or whatever “i” have charged with having caused this “seeming” pain. This Love that i give to it/them inspires the miracle which shifts my perception so the fear i was perceiving disappears. In a while, sometimes it is only a few minutes, i look for the fear and it is gone. i remember Jesus’ powerful line from acim…”I will forgive and this will disappear.” and it is so true. I am filled with gratitude and Love and Peace. This is the Peaceful Power of Forgiveness.

Hundreds of times, and most probably countless more times, i have used this process without fail. It keeps my Peace in Place in the Present moment for that is where it lives. There is no such thing as a lasting Peace in “Time” for time is not real. The Peace of God will always welcome you Here and Now for that is where God, Love and Your True Self reside. When we are in touch with the Truth that we are the Awareness of what we perceive, we can clearly see that we are just an observer to a Movie called Life that is appearing on the Movie screen of the mind. We made it up. And, it seems we have cast ourselves as the Star, as the leading character. We can choose how we react to the movie. We can ask Holy Spirit to edit our perceptions so the Movie screen reflects only the Love of God. With the shift in perception, we are now watching a Peaceful Movie, and all we experience is Love for ourselves, our brothers and the world we see. Forgiveness brings us Home. 

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