XI. The Test of Truth, P 7

7 You cannot be your guide to miracles, for it is you who made them necessary. And because you did, the means on which you can depend for miracles has been provided for you. God’s Son can make no needs His Father will not meet, if he but turn to Him ever so little. Yet He cannot compel His Son to turn to Him and remain Himself. It is impossible that God lose His Identity, for if He did, you would lose yours. And being yours He cannot change Himself, for your Identity is changeless. The miracle acknowledges His changelessness by seeing His Son as he always was, and not as he would make himself. The miracle brings the effects that only guiltlessness can bring, and thus establishes the fact that guiltlessness must be.



When I made up this separate identity and called it myself, I experienced guilt and the need for miracles were known. God meets each need we have in our self-imposed deprivation. Because we made the need for miracles, we cannot provide them for ourselves, so God assured our access to them through the Holy Spirit.

The way this works is that when we think we have a problem we turn to God with it and the Holy Spirit heals us. He heals us as he removes the effects of guilt and we begin to remember who we are. For the miracle to be ours we must want it. God will not impose the miracle on us without our true desire for it.  God does not compel.

There are times in which I wish God would do just that, compel me to accept the miracle of healing. Like, just get it over with, God! It is inevitable that I’m going to return to you anyway, so just take me Home. But Jesus says that to compel is not in God’s nature and to do so would cost Him His identity. God is changeless and so does not act in a way that is not Himself.

This is a good thing. We are created in His image and so we are changeless as well. We are only imagining a self that is different, and we remain as we were created. All we need to do to experience ourselves as we are, ever have been, and ever will be, is to wholly desire that this is so. The Holy Spirit acts on our behalf as we are ready.

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