X. The Equality of Miracles, P 12

12 The miracle is the recognition that this is true. Where there is love, your brother must give it to you because of what it is. But where there is a call for love, you must give it because of what you are. Earlier I said this course will teach you how to remember what you are, restoring to you your Identity. We have already learned that this Identity is shared. The miracle becomes the means of sharing It. By supplying your Identity wherever It is not recognized, you will recognize It. And God Himself, Who wills to be with His Son forever, will bless each recognition of His Son with all the Love He holds for him. Nor will the power of all His Love be absent from any miracle you offer to His Son. How, then, can there be any order of difficulty among them?



In the previous paragraph, Jesus said this. “Let the Holy Spirit show him to you, and teach you both his love and his call for love. Neither his mind nor yours holds more than these two orders of thought.” Now he is reminding us that we are love. When our brother is in his right mind, he is giving us love because that is what he is. And when he is not in his right mind, he is asking for love, which we can give him because it is what we are.

Through this process, we remember our true Identity as love. I mentioned before that someone I care about was angry with me. The first impulse, coming from ego, is to defend against this anger. But as I reconsider, the love that I am surfaces in my awareness, and I recognize her anger as a call for love, which I answer.

Each time I make that choice, I become more fully aware of myself as love, and I am that much less likely to forget my Identity. It is helpful to my friend as well. If I defended against her, I would be teaching her that she is a threat and so not loved. By loving her, I help her to recognize that she is love, too. Each time the choice for love is made, the result is a miracle. Each miracle is equal because each one is equally blessed by the power of God’s Love.

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