Lesson 169

By grace I live. By grace I am released.

Grace is an aspect of the Love of God which is most like the state prevailing in the unity of truth. It is the world’s most lofty aspiration, for it leads beyond the world entirely. It is past learning, yet the goal of learning, for grace cannot come until the mind prepares itself for true acceptance. Grace becomes inevitable instantly in those who have prepared a table where it can be gently laid and willingly received; an altar clean and holy for the gift.

Grace is acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear. By grace alone the hate and fear are gone, for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world contains, that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace can not believe the world of fear is real.

Grace is not learned. The final step must go beyond all learning. Grace is not the goal this course aspires to attain. Yet we prepare for grace in that an open mind can hear the Call to waken. It is not shut tight against God’s Voice. It has become aware that there are things it does not know, and thus is ready to accept a state completely different from experience with which it is familiarly at home.

We have perhaps appeared to contradict our statement that the revelation of the Father and the Son as One has been already set. But we have also said the mind determines when that time will be, and has determined it. And yet we urge you to bear witness to the Word of God to hasten the experience of truth, and speed its advent into every mind that recognizes truth’s effects on you.

Oneness is simply the idea God is. And in His Being, He encompasses all things. No mind holds anything but Him. We say “God is,” and then we cease to speak, for in that knowledge words are meaningless. There are no lips to speak them, and no part of mind sufficiently distinct to feel that it is now aware of something not itself. It has united with its Source. And like its Source Itself, it merely is.

We cannot speak nor write nor even think of this at all. It comes to every mind when total recognition that its will is God’s has been completely given and received completely. It returns the mind into the endless present, where the past and future cannot be conceived. It lies beyond salvation; past all thought of time, forgiveness and the holy face of Christ. The Son of God has merely disappeared into his Father, as his Father has in him. The world has never been at all. Eternity remains a constant state.

This is beyond experience we try to hasten. Yet forgiveness, taught and learned, brings with it the experiences which bear witness that the time the mind itself determined to abandon all but this is now at hand. We do not hasten it, in that what you will offer was concealed from Him Who teaches what forgiveness means.

All learning was already in His Mind, accomplished and complete. He recognized all that time holds, and gave it to all minds that each one might determine, from a point where time was ended, when it is released to revelation and eternity. We have repeated several times before that you but make a journey that is done.

For oneness must be here. Whatever time the mind has set for revelation is entirely irrelevant to what must be a constant state, forever as it always was; forever to remain as it is now. We merely take the part assigned long since, and fully recognized as perfectly fulfilled by Him Who wrote salvation’s script in His Creator’s Name, and in the Name of His Creator’s Son.

There is no need to further clarify what no one in the world can understand. When revelation of your oneness comes, it will be known and fully understood. Now we have work to do, for those in time can speak of things beyond, and listen to words which explain what is to come is past already. Yet what meaning can the words convey to those who count the hours still, and rise and work and go to sleep by them?

Suffice it, then, that you have work to do to play your part. The ending must remain obscure to you until your part is done. It does not matter. For your part is still what all the rest depends on. As you take the role assigned to you, salvation comes a little nearer each uncertain heart that does not beat as yet in tune with God.

Forgiveness is the central theme that runs throughout salvation, holding all its parts in meaningful relationships, the course it runs directed and its outcome sure. And now we ask for grace, the final gift salvation can bestow. Experience that grace provides will end in time, for grace foreshadows Heaven, yet does not replace the thought of time but for a little while.

The interval suffices. It is here that miracles are laid; to be returned by you from holy instants you receive, through grace in your experience, to all who see the light that lingers in your face. What is the face of Christ but his who went a moment into timelessness, and brought a clear reflection of the unity he felt an instant back to bless the world? How could you finally attain to it forever, while a part of you remains outside, unknowing, unawakened, and in need of you as witness to the truth?

Be grateful to return, as you were glad to go an instant, and accept the gifts that grace provided you. You carry them back to yourself. And revelation stands not far behind. Its coming is ensured. We ask for grace, and for experience that comes from grace. We welcome the release it offers everyone. We do not ask for the unaskable. We do not look beyond what grace can give. For this we can give in the grace that has been given us.

Our learning goal today does not exceed this prayer. Yet in the world, what could be more than what we ask this day of Him Who gives the grace we ask, as it was given Him?

By grace I live. By grace I am released.

By grace I give. By grace I will release.



This is a fascinating lesson because it talks about that which cannot be explained in a way we can understand. We can understand a little but that is all. So I am not too concerned with a sentence by sentence dismantling and analyzing of this Lesson. Instead I am simply accepting the general ideas that I find helpful to me at this time.

One thing I have to say is that when people express the belief that their understanding is “right” and others is wrong, I just have to laugh. No one in this world is “right” because Reality is beyond our comprehension. If we have any understanding it is either helpful or not and that is the best that can be said of it. It is kind of a relief, actually, to see that I am not expected to fully understand God, so I can just focus on my part in the Awakening. That will be made clear.

Generally speaking, I see that there are levels of perception and understanding. For instance, my journey through time is not determined by the little ego self I call Myron. It is determined by the mind. It will seem to be determined by Myron, but that is an illusion. I see that this journey is complete, we are awake. And yet, we must all awaken and that we help each other do this through bearing witness to the Word of God. In other words, we help each other awaken as we live our lives in ever more enlightened ways. There is nothing to forgive, and yet forgiveness is how we awaken. It is the central theme that runs through salvation.

Grace is even harder to define. There is an interval between being awake and dreaming unawares. In this interval we experience learning and teaching, forgiveness and the miracles forgiveness brings, where we help each other remember. When this is complete, grace will not be needed, but for now we can feel gratitude that it is available to us.

So I cannot hasten the moment of release, but I can prepare for it, and this is what I came to do, and what I must do, as did all of you who are engaged in this study and all who are on some other path leading to forgiveness. We watch our thoughts. We learn to recognize fear and guilt and in accepting that these thoughts are not in alignment with the Will of God, we release them to the Holy Spirit and they are removed for us. And as we do this, over and over again, the mind begins to clear. We are preparing the mind for grace.

We cannot learn grace; we can only make room for it, clear a space where it can be. “It is past learning, yet the goal of learning, for grace cannot come until the mind prepares itself for true acceptance.” Here is what grace will do when we have done our part.

“Grace is acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear. By grace alone the hate and fear are gone, for grace presents a state so opposite to everything the world contains, that those whose minds are lighted by the gift of grace can not believe the world of fear is real.”

And how do we know this is happening, that we are learning to forgive and preparing a place for grace? Here are some signs and I bet that we all recognize them in our own lives. “It (an open mind) is not shut tight against God’s Voice. It has become aware that there are things it does not know…” Most of us have not reached that place where our mind is open all the time, but we have begun to hear the Voice for God. We are no longer shut tight against It. I am encouraged.

And still, as lovely as it is when grace is given, this is not the final step. We experience grace in the world. We see our illusion reinterpreted without the fear and guilt that blighted it. And it is then that we return to God, dissolving into Him and He into us. This is the final step, where all else is leading.

Our part in all of this is very small and very simple. To the degree that we are ready, it is very easy. We practice opening our minds to the help that we are given. We listen to the Voice for God. We learn to recognize the untrue beliefs that make us unhappy and we release them to Him. We forgive and forgive and forgive. All else is done for us.

Here is a little story that happened to me once. It illustrates our part in this process. I was getting ready for a workshop and I had set my goal for the weekend. My intention was to see the Christ in each person I met there. I imagined how beautiful that would be and wondered how it would affect the whole experience. I was excited to see what it looked like to recognize the Christ in 30 people and wondered if I could hold that vision for a whole weekend.

I forgot that to see the Christ I would have to release the judgments that keep me from seeing clearly. Releasing the judgments is part of the process, so being aware of the judgments is the first step of the process. By the end of Saturday my head felt it would explode from the sheer number of judgments. And the variety of judgments; good grief!

At first I was discouraged, but then I remembered the importance of being aware of, and of looking with the Holy Spirit, in order to let go. The Holy Spirit also reminded me that thoughts are not personal and that they will float on through my mind if I don’t attach to them and believe them. So I just kept watching the thoughts in my mind without judging myself for having them and this was a more comfortable process and went more smoothly.

How does it look to see the Christ in everyone? Well I did not experience bright lights emanating from their chakras or whatever it was I thought would happen. What I noticed is that this was the most amazing group of people I had ever been with. They were so loving and so filled with Spirit I just didn’t want to leave them. I felt blessed to be in their presence and I felt loved every moment I was there.

In answer to my willingness to see with Christ Vision, I felt love, and the more willing I became, the more love I felt. No matter what was said or done, I saw the love that truly defined the person or situation. Even through the judgmental thoughts that floated in and out of my mind, even through the ones that I chose to temporarily entertain in my mind, I saw the love.

I did nothing to make this happen. Christ’s Vision wasn’t something I did, only something I experienced once I did my part, once I became willing to hear God’s Voice and to forgive everything that wasn’t love, in me and in every other person as well. Even forgiving is simple; it is just the willingness to allow things to be different than I thought. What I experienced in the place of judgments wasn’t a startling phenomenon, just a gentle beingness and joyful state in which to exist. This was a touch of grace.


Sissy · June 17, 2016 at 11:42 am

TY Myron u help so much. I didn’t understand the lesson & thought there was something wrong with me .lol TY for your journal .

rosemarie tropf · June 18, 2016 at 6:22 am

Grace is a word I’ve heard at various times throughout my whole life. This word always grabbed my attention. As a youngster I remember hearing adults say, “by the Grace of God”….followed up by some wish for a miracle. Grace? Some girls were even named Grace especially if they were Christian. Grace felt so elusive and I yearned for it. I desired it. I grasped for it. Well during today’s lesson I can see I had the right intention but ego mind took it over. Grasping is the exact wrong way, the ego way, to achieve Grace as I now understand it. This made me realize something about myself. I can get very angry when I think “someone” is saying or doing something that could be called immoral, or indecent, or even just pulling me away from my spiritual beliefs. I become judgmental and argumentative and resentful. Reading this lesson and your share Myron made me see this and to see why I do that. I become angry because I am afraid that I will never find God’s Grace. I try to live a very moral life, I get my spiritual beliefs all organized and memorized in my head then someone who is “high” says something very very profound and I think he doesn’t deserve any right to know something so spiritually profound. But I do…after all I am the one doing all the “work” to get God’s Grace. And yet that guy who was high sounded like he had received some of God’s Grace. Whaaaaat? Why not me? Dam it! Fear! Fear that God will pass me over even after all my trying so hard to be a good girl, and working so hard to find God, spending all my time being so studious in my lessons. Why are these people having so much fun? They are so frivolous laughing about God and religion like they know anything about it. Get away from me I’m busy studying the Course and I have no time for fun. Get away from me. I can see now that God’s Grace does not come from “my” effort. But ego possessiveness, and ego attack thoughts do come from ego effort. Ha! That is so ironic isn’t it? This is to meditate on and let Holy Spirit guide me towards Love and away from this fear. Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me how ego mind has highjacked my spiritual studies…again. Or rather, it’s another layer of awareness of un-forgiveness and fear I think. I feel so determined to find God’s Grace. But today I will leave that up to Holy Spirit. Today I say this prayer, “Holy Spirit teach me forgiveness of my brother’s and sisters so I can release my fear of not being worthy of God’s Grace.” Thank you Myron, your share helped me get a concrete understanding of a very esoteric lesson.

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