IX. The Reflection of Holiness, P 1

1 The Atonement does not make holy. You were created holy. It merely brings unholiness to holiness; or what you made to what you are. Bringing illusion to truth, or the ego to God, is the Holy Spirit’s only function. Keep not your making from your Father, for hiding it has cost you knowledge of Him and of yourself. The knowledge is safe, but where is your safety apart from it? The making of time to take the place of timelessness lay in the decision to be not as you are. Thus truth was made past, and the present was dedicated to illusion. And the past, too, was changed and interposed between what always was and now. The past that you remember never was, and represents only the denial of what always was.



The Atonement is simple. We bring what we made to God. His Light will shine away the darkness. This is the Holy Spirit’s only function. He will not fail in it. We must not hide our dark thoughts, or hold any back. When we do this, the cost is knowledge of God and ourselves. What did we make? We made the whole world and our separate self-identity. Why would we want to keep something we made away from God? We are ashamed, afraid, and we value it.

When we understand that everything is an idea, we see how simple it is to bring what we made to God. We thought up the separation idea and now we bring the separation thoughts to the Holy Spirit and He corrects them. We are God’s Son, free of all limits. That means we are free to make anything we want, so we have nothing to be ashamed of. God is pure Love and only Love, therefore we have nothing to fear. God only loves us because there is nothing but love in God.

Do we still value our world and our identity? Perhaps so, but when examined closely, we can see that we valued falsely. There is nothing in the world that lasts. Even the very planet we live on is going to end. Our relationships, no matter how sweet, contain elements of fear and guilt, and inevitably, we lose those we love. Love itself is twisted and soured because, as we understand it, it is not whole, not unconditional and universal.

Our self-identity is unsatisfying. No matter how we try to perfect our bodies and our personalities, we are fighting a losing battle. The body never reaches the perfection we desire. In the end, it gets old and dies, that is, if we are lucky. It gets sick and dies sometimes, and sometimes long before it is old. As for our personalities, we seem to be stuck with pre-programming and can only try to improve upon it.

The world itself is chaotic and unpredictable. Wars and man’s inhumanity to man seems to know no bounds. Natural disasters occur and there is nothing to do to prepare for or prevent many of them. Recovery is the best we can hope for. Remind me again why it is that we think we need to defend the world we made and the separate self we treasure so dearly?

Even in the little world of my life, there is competition and therefore war. There are suffering and death. I planted a small garden this year and it is growing very well. But I am in competition for the vegetables growing there. I compete with the bugs, with fungus and with critters who share my yard, the squirrels, and birds. I try to find repellents rather than poisons, but it is a constant battleground in my garden. Hardly paradise, is it?

There is something else beyond what we made, something pure and beautiful, and completely dependable. In the real world, there is no sickness, no loss, no suffering, or death. In God, there is life everlasting, perfection, and wholeness. There is love, pure and eternal. It is all ours, our Eden. We are divine beings, creations of Love.

We have nothing to fear from God, and nothing of value to hold onto here. We can take our place in Heaven simply by desiring to do so, and we know the simple steps that extricate us from our illusions. Let us choose salvation today by noticing the thoughts that keep the illusion in place, and bringing those thoughts to God. This is how we forgive and this is how we save the world from what we made of it. When this work is done the world will disappear as we find ourselves in eternal bliss within God.

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