IX. The Reflection of Holiness, P 3

3 Merely by being what it is, does truth release you from everything that it is not. The Atonement is so gentle you need but whisper to it, and all its power will rush to your assistance and support. You are not frail with God beside you. Yet without Him you are nothing. The Atonement offers you God. The gift that you refused is held by Him in you. The Holy Spirit holds it there for you. God has not left His altar, though His worshippers placed other gods upon it. The temple still is holy, for the Presence that dwells within it is Holiness.



The Atonement is the great Undoing, the plan for Salvation, God’s Answer. What stands out to me in this paragraph is that the Atonement offers me God. I had to sit with that thought for awhile, and just let the tears flow. The Atonement is for me, it’s power rushes in at my whispered call, and it offers me God. I am humbled at God’s gift.

How do I call for the Atonement? I see that I am confused and I want to be healed, and I am answered. I sometimes express my desire for help more strongly and I say that I accept the Atonement in a difficult situation. I say that I want correction, I ask that my mind be healed, I just call out for help, however, I express my desire for the Atonement, I am answered. All the power of the Atonement is given me.

I am OK. I am safe. I dream of challenges, of pain and of suffering, and even of death, but God has not been overpowered by my fantasies. He remains on His altar, unaffected by the idols I place there. I am holy because I am His temple and where He dwells is holy. No matter what is going on in my story, this is His promise; I remain as He created me.

I know all this is true because I have put it to the test. I have called on the Atonement and I have been answered. Sometimes I accept the answer immediately and whole-heartedly. Sometimes I have asked and then defended against the answer, but it waits patiently for my acceptance. I struggle with the fear and guilt that keeps me imprisoned in my misery, but always, in the end, I turn to His Answer, and it is always there.

I have wondered many times why it feels so hard sometimes to simply accept the Atonement. I have decided that it is my grim determination to have a special identity that causes all my suffering. I could simply call for help to wake up and be answered, but I don’t, at least I don’t accept help right away.

I “forget” that I have this help, and I “forget” that I have the power of God at my disposal. I forget because I don’t want to remember. But I am changing my mind about that. Each time I overcome the ego desire to exist apart, I am stronger in my resolve to awaken. This, too, is His answer to my call for support and assistance. I am so grateful.

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