I ask myself, “What is my goal?” Is cleaning my house my goal? Will a clean house help me awaken? I watch my mind and notice ego objections to this questioning. I cannot just sit down and meditate all day. The house needs to be cleaned and students will be calling soon. What am I going to do? Will I just tell them I can’t talk today because I only have one goal and that is to awaken?

Holy Spirit, what would you have me know about my goal today?

My message from Holy Spirit

What if you did all of the things that need to be done recognizing salvation is your only goal? As you are organizing your home and trying to decide what to keep and what to let go of, why don’t you use this time to practice making no decisions on your own? While you are cleaning the floors use this time to remember that you are the creator of your experience and to take joy in what you do.

When you are trying to work around the clutter and undone jobs left by the contractor this would be a good time to examine your thoughts about them. Are you aware of angry blaming thoughts? Do you feel frustrated and fearful of never getting this finished? Would you be willing to bring these thoughts to Me for correction? Would you be willing to use this time as you work in the kitchen to remember your brother’s innocence?

Remember that your life as you are experiencing it right now is the path Home. Every moment is bursting with potential. Every moment offers you entrance into that door beneath all your frantic efforts and chattering ego thinking mind – the door that opens onto Heaven. Choosing salvation is not something you do instead of living your life; it is what you do while you are living your life. Remind yourself often this day that your goal is salvation. Those other chores you began lining up upon awakening this morning are not your goal. They are merely useful tools for accomplishing your only goal.

My message to Holy Spirit

Aaah. The ego tries to tangle my thoughts with fear and confusion, but You, my beloved Holy Spirit, always untangles the thoughts with your gentle certainty. Thank you so much.

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