V. The Circle of Atonement, P 8

8 Peace, then, be unto everyone who becomes a teacher of peace. For peace is the acknowledgment of perfect purity, from which no one is excluded. Within its holy circle is everyone whom God created as His Son. Joy is its unifying attribute, with no one left outside to suffer guilt alone. The power of God draws everyone to its safe embrace of love and union. Stand quietly within this circle, and attract all tortured minds to join with you in the safety of its peace and holiness. Abide with me within it, as teachers of Atonement, not of guilt.



The Circle of Atonement is one of my favorite sections of the Course. How great must be God’s love for us that He would have no one suffer guilt alone. His power attracts all to this circle of Atonement, to safety, love, and union. I desire to stand in peace within that circle, attracting all tortured minds to join me there.

Of course, to be that peaceful presence, I must give up conflict in all its forms. As I release conflict, I become an attractive force for those who would join me in the peace of God. I practice releasing all conflict now and will practice until I have mastered it and my mind is free, free to love and free to save the world.

This practice is going well, by the way. I am at peace more than not. I have used the Rules for Decision (Chapter 30) to release conflict. Sometimes I use the prayer I learned from Nouk Sanchez in her book, The End of Death. When I am conflicted about a situation or a person, I often say, “Holy Spirit, please help me to forgive myself for using this situation or this person to attack myself.” Sometimes I simply ask that He decide for me.

The processes and practices are helpful, but only to the extent that I truly desire peace. The practices are a way for me to express that desire. I want a mind free of attack thoughts because I want to stand in that circle a peaceful presence, and I want this all the time. Sometimes, it takes me awhile to untangle my thoughts, especially if fear is strong in my mind, but I am always willing and ready to do so.

I will to abide with Jesus within it, as a teacher of Atonement, not of guilt.

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