Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.

Lesson 342

December 6, 2016

Lesson 342

I let forgiveness rest upon all things,
For thus forgiveness will be given me.

I thank You, Father, for Your plan to save me from the hell I made. It is not real. And You have given me the means to prove its unreality to me. The key is in my hand, and I have reached the door beyond which lies the end of dreams. I stand before the gate of Heaven, wondering if I should enter in and be at home. Let me not wait again today. Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be and as it is. Let me remember that I am Your Son, and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing light of truth, as memory of You returns to me.

Brother, forgive me now. I come to you to take you home with me. And as we go, the world goes with us on our way to God.



This is an older posting, but I love the message from Holy Spirit so I am leaving it as is.

It seems to me that there are layers of unforgiveness in my life. There are the people who seem to have attacked me. These are the easiest of the layers to forgive. I can see these people as doing the best they can just as I am. At times I can be aware that their actions are simply reflections of my own errors. Sometimes I remember that none of us are really here, but that “here” is just an out-picturing of a thought of separation. Every seemingly separate thing out here is really just the same thought of separation imagined in different ways.

There is a layer of unforgiveness that pretends to be something else. This one is a little harder to discern. To become aware of it I usually have to find it through its effects. I feel angry or fearful of someone or some situation and I know there is something for me to forgive. Often I will see what is happening but not be able to understand why.

An example of this would be when my son was sick. I felt a great deal of fear and this indicates a need for forgiveness. But for a long time I could not figure out how to forgive the situation. I tried, and yet the fear remained. The ego part of my mind argued for the reality of the situation and clung to the fear as if it would protect me. I became afraid to let the fear go so I was unwilling to forgive, and this whole attitude made no sense. The ego deals with that by simply ignoring the obvious nonsense of its position.

The inability to see clearly what needs to be forgiven and to choose forgiveness is always an indication that I don’t want to give up what is making me suffer. I have placed some value on the grievance and cling to it. I know for certain that it is not really hard to figure out. Salvation is simple. It rests on forgiveness and forgiveness is not complicated. If it is not what God would think, then I need to forgive it.

As soon as I decide for forgiveness, it is done. If it is not done, then I have not really decided for it in spite of what I am telling myself. When I am deluding myself and feel confused, I can sometimes share the problem with someone else and they can help me see more clearly. Sometimes I can journal about it and eventually I will see what is really going on. In the case of my son’s sickness I called on help through joining in prayer with others to break through the ego resistance.

I never really have to “do” anything to achieve forgiveness and to wake up, but sometimes I have to do something to convince myself that this is what I really want. It is always solved through my willingness to see differently. It doesn’t matter what form the solution takes. It will come in the form that is most helpful to me at the moment. What matters is that I want to forgive more than I want my grievance. When that happens the way will be made clear.

Holy Spirit, would you talk to me about this?

Holy Spirit: Think for a moment about how uncomfortable you have been for the last three days. What has been on your mind?

Me: I have not felt good. I have had problems with my stomach and have felt physical discomfort and uneasiness in my mind because I don’t know if it is serious.

I have been trying to write a blurb for my new book and can’t think what to say. I feel anxious because it is taking so long and because nothing is coming to me.

My non-profit is getting low on money. I don’t have enough money for all the things that need to be done this time of the year. There are so many people who need help at Christmas and I don’t have enough money to help them.

There are others but those are the ones that come to mind.

Holy Spirit: Myron, when you have asked me for help I have sent you to the same message several times. I know you remember what that message is.

Me: Yes. I read it in Of Monkeys and Dragons. You must learn to trust in Its (Life’s) CONTINUED PRESENCE and ABSOLUTE GOODNESS and Its ability to keep all things intact – without your help.

Holy Spirit: Please continue to practice this just as you did this morning.

When you feel physically uncomfortable give your trust to Life. If there is something for you to do you will be directed. The idea of doing it will simply appear in your mind.

When you have time to sit down and write, relax your mind, and allow the words to flow. When you try to direct this, even as you decide it should be done right now or in a certain way, you block Divine Intelligence that would flow easily through you if you allowed it. Do not strive to direct that Intelligence, simply allow.

When you look at your bank account, when you hear about someone who seems to need help, when you look at the list in your purse of all that needs to be taken care of, you become anxious and disturbed because you are, once again, trying to direct Life. You do not know what any of this means. You do not know what needs to be done or by whom or when. Relax into this realization. It is a very comfortable place to be. It is a stress free place. Become willing to be a conduit through which Life can experience Itself rather than the director of that which you cannot begin to fathom.

Myron, this is why I sent you to this message more than once. This is the message I want you to practice until it is the way you think.

Me: Ha ha ha. I see that I kept asking You for a message because I didn’t want the one you sent me. I wanted a second opinion. I wanted You to give me the answer I thought should come from You, rather than the one You know I need. I accept Your message gladly and am grateful for it. Today, I dedicate myself to this practice.

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