Everything I think I know about anything is an exact reflection of my beliefs, because it is a projection of those beliefs. So if I look at the one in front of me and think, “This person doesn’t understand, or that person needs my help, all I am seeing is my belief in lack. If I had no belief of lack in my mind I would look at the one before me and see pure love, absolute perfection. Now that I fully understand this, every time I have a thought about someone I immediately turn it around.

An example is when someone called for my help. She was lost in her story, and knew this was the case, but couldn’t seem to get out of it. She allowed herself to get so deep into the story that she forgot where the exit was, and so she called me hoping I would turn her around and point the way out. And when we talked I saw her as one who was lost. This is because I was looking at my belief that I could be lost. I saw her as one afraid and uncertain because I was looking at my belief in fear and uncertainty.

I knew that “I” could not help her out of her confusion because I was confused too. So I paused and asked for help from One Who is not confused, and so words came that helped us both. Its funny for me to think of now, but I used to think I was wise because I could see her problem so clearly. Now I understand I see her problem because I recognize it as my own. Teachers teach what they need to learn and so we help each other wake up.

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