Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.


October 18, 2016

2 The Holy Spirit is described throughout the course as giving us the answer to the separation and bringing the plan of the Atonement to us, establishing our particular part in it and showing us exactly what it is. He has established Jesus as the leader in carrying out His plan since he was the first to complete his own part perfectly. All power in Heaven and earth is therefore given him and he will share it with you when you have completed yours. The Atonement principle was given to the Holy Spirit long before Jesus set it in motion. 



In this paragraph I am learning more about the Holy Spirit and the plan of Atonement. The Holy Spirit was given the Atonement principle, and in remembering the truth, Jesus set it in motion. The Holy Spirit’s function seems to be to give us this plan and our part in it, showing us exactly what we are to do to accomplish our part. The part given Jesus is to be the leader in carrying out His plan.  

All power in Heaven and earth are given Jesus and as we accomplish our part, we will share that power with him. It is helpful to have some understanding of this, and I am grateful for A Course in Miracles for giving it, but even if I never had any understanding of this at all, I can still complete my part. The truth does not need my understanding to be true. I don’t need to understand why following my Inner Guidance works; I only need to follow it.

I share my journey, every step of it, and every misstep. Sometimes in my sharing I am helpful to someone else. Even my errors can be helpful. I am always ready to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than making all of them myself, so I am equally happy if someone else learns from mine. But my path is my path. I love my teachers and am very grateful to them for what they have shared with me, but I have a path that I am to follow that is not the same as my teacher’s. To know that path I must look within. I must open my Heart to the Holy Spirit within and learn to listen for that still small Voice.

What I am given to do and the way I am to do it is unique for me. Your path is unique for you. The Holy Spirit tells each of us what we are to do and how we are to accomplish this. Our instructions will have many similarities and the same underlying truth, and they will bring us all to the same place. However, the details, the way we are to do it, these are specific to each one of us. This is why it is important to learn to hear the Voice for God that is within your mind.

God’s Voice can be over-powered by our own separate will, the ego voice, but only if we want that. Desire to hear and practice listening is the key. When I have complained that I can’t hear Him, He has told me that He speaks to me all through the day, and that it is me who is not listening. I have learned to listen and when I don’t hear Him I am well aware that it is because I don’t want to know what He would tell me.

First I learned to hear the Holy Spirit, to distinguish that Voice from the ego. Then I learned that I want to hear Him all the time. Last of all, I learned to believe what He says. When I was in pain He told me that pain is not real. It’s simple, really. God did not create pain so it is not real. I had to allow Him to reprogram my thinking on this because I had taught myself to believe in pain. What I believe is real for me and so I cannot teach myself differently. I can, however, be willing to be wrong, and thus allow correction, which the Holy Spirit will gladly do.

He told me that there is no guilt, that guilt is something I made up. This seemed so impossible to me because the guilt felt so real and was so pervasive in my life. If I had to choose the one lesson I came to learn it would be that guilt is not real. I say that because my life story was about guilt. It took years, all of my life, really, for me to accept what He was saying.

There really is no guilt. God did not create guilt so it can’t be real. I can stop experiencing guilt as if it is real simply by acknowledging that Holy Spirit is right. Feeling guilty and seeing others as guilty is just a choice I made. It is possible to just stop. And, oh my goodness, what freedom!

He told me there is no fear. I am still letting that go. God did not create fear so it can’t exist. I must be making this up, too. I am in God, a part of God, so I cannot feel what God does not feel. God created me through extending Himself so I cannot be what God is not. God is not fear so fear cannot be real. It must be an illusion.

I see the sense in that and I know it must be true. Fear can be no more real than pain and guilt. I see myself letting many forms of fear fall away and am very excited to think of letting go of all fear. I am allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me to transform my thinking on this. When I feel fear, I ask myself where that feeling came from. It is a thought that came from the thinking mind. Would I ask the ego to show me reality? Or would I ask Holy Spirit? So when the fear thought comes I turn to Holy Spirit and ask that my mind be healed of all illusions.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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