Rev. Myron Jones, O.M.C.


October 17, 2016


1 Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Whom he called down upon the earth after he ascended into Heaven, or became completely identified with the Christ, the Son of God as He created him. The Holy Spirit, being a creation of the one Creator, creating with Him and in His likeness or spirit, is eternal and has never changed. He was “called down upon the earth” in the sense that it was now possible to accept Him and to hear His Voice. His is the Voice for God, and has therefore taken form. This form is not His reality, which God alone knows along with Christ, His real Son, Who is part of Him.



What an interesting manifestation of God the Holy Spirit is. Reading about the Holy Spirit here I realize I never had any understanding of what the Holy Spirit is. I still don’t. What I do understand is His function as explained in the Course. This paragraph tells us that the Holy Spirit has always existed as part of the one creation of God and as such is eternal and unchanging. It also tells us that He has taken form, which like the forms we have taken, is not real, but serves a temporary purpose.

The process that occurred is explained by saying that when Jesus became completely identified with the Christ, he called the Holy Spirit down upon the earth. This means that now we can all accept Him and hear His Voice. Over and over I see the debt of gratitude I owe my brother, Jesus. While any one of us could have completed our part and remembered the truth of our being (and will do so) it was Jesus who first did this, thus paving the way for us.

I like that idea, “paving the way.” I envision the journey of awakening as a rocky and uneven road with many twists and turns. It is barely a road at all, hardly even a path, sometimes seeming to disappear in the brambles and bushes of the illusory world. Jesus walked this path and walked to the very end, leaving behind any belief that it could be real and that there was any reason he could want it to be real.

His completion called forth the Holy Spirit to help us all walk this path more easily, in effect, “paving it.” Now the path has become more visible to us, smoother and easier to walk. Well, that is the story of Jesus and the Holy Spirit this paragraph evokes in my mind, and seems to be a helpful story for me. It feels like another piece of the puzzle slipping into place. It hardly matters that it is just another story among the billions we tell ourselves every day, none of which is truth, but some which are helpful.

What I come away with is Jesus, my brother who appeared as man just as we have appeared as man, taking on our illusion with all its confusion, found his way out of the illusion. He then took on the function of helping us find our way out, and in this function he manifests as the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God. In this form He continues to guide us and comfort us as we, too, in perfect timing, decide for God.


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