III. The God of Sickness, P 7

7 When a brother is sick it is because he is not asking for peace, and therefore does not know he has it. The acceptance of peace is the denial of illusion, and sickness is an illusion. Yet every Son of God has the power to deny illusions anywhere in the Kingdom, merely by denying them completely in himself. I can heal you because I know you. I know your value for you, and it is this value that makes you whole. A whole mind is not idolatrous, and does not know of conflicting laws. I will heal you merely because I have only one message, and it is true. Your faith in it will make you whole when you have faith in me.


I have been sick in body as well as spirit, which makes absolute sense. What I believe is projected outward and outward includes the body I identify with. Jesus says elsewhere in the Course that if we use the body only for communication (communicating love) it will be perfectly healthy. There are times when I still choose fear or anger over peace, and it is this choice that comes from a sick mind, which is then projected onto the body causing it to appear sick.

While tests were being done, they threw in a thyroid test. It showed a bit high and I thought that maybe that explains why I have had so much trouble with my weight lately. I normally can lose weight as easily as I gain it, but that hasn’t been true in the past few months. So I thought it would be nice to get a pill and fix this problem. Then I laughed at myself. Does my body need to be repaired, or does my mind need to be healed?

If there is a thyroid problem then it came from an unhealed mind. This is the cure, this mind healing. A pill is just a temporary magical solution to a magical problem. When I get too involved in the medical community, I can temporarily lose my perspective. I began to think the body is what needs to be healed when really it is the mind that needs healing.

I am asking my dear brother right now to heal me in all ways, my sick mind, which when healed, will also reflect as a healed body. I ask that I be healed and that in my healing, I can heal others with my renewed faith. The outward appearance of the sickness in the mind is simply reflective of our belief that we have somehow damaged ourselves and God in our decision to play around with separation. It is not true and could never be true. This belief is ultimately what needs correction. Everything else will follow.

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