VI. The Acceptance of Your Brother, P 5

5 You are not yet awake, but you can learn how to awaken. Very simply the Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others. As you see them waken you will learn what waking means, and because you have chosen to wake them, their gratitude and their appreciation of what you have given them will teach you its value. They will become the witnesses to your reality, as you were created witnesses to God’s. Yet when the Sonship comes together and accepts its Oneness it will be known by its creations, who witness to its reality as the Son does to the Father.


I, because I was created as the Son of God, witness to the reality of the Father. My creations (of which I am unaware in this dimension, and yet which, never the less, still exist) witness to my reality. When I say, I, I mean “I” as the One Son of God. The “I” that I am more identified with at this time is a separated part of the Sonship. But, regardless of my misplaced identification, it is not what I am. When the Sonship comes together and is One again, it will be known by its creations, as God is known by His Son.

This is outside my limited knowledge at this time, but not outside my Mind, so it is not lost, and I am still as I was created. I am still dreaming, but I will awaken, and when I do, I will remember this. I will awaken through the Holy Spirit, as He teaches me to awaken others. Always, awakening and my happiness depend on my brothers. This is something I must absolutely, and without exception, accept as true and necessary. I cannot know my Self as less than whole and I cannot be whole if I continue to disavow my brothers.

When a grievance comes into my mind, I quickly and gladly release it to the Holy Spirit. I want to know my brother as myself and I cannot do that if I make him separate from me through assigning him to carry the guilt we all fear. I will, instead, withdraw my projections and release them to the Holy Spirit so they are healed for us all.

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