Rev. Myron Jones

Ordained minister through Pathways of Light, and Student of A Course in Miracles

My Practice

My practice is awareness, forgiveness,
correction through the Holy Spirit.
This is my way home.

Daily Inspiration

I cannot fail to wake up. Jesus holds my hand throughout this journey. He stands with me even when I think I am facing the ego alone. He upholds me and uplifts me and sometimes just helps me keep my head above water. He is never confused about what I am and he never despairs of me. If during the day I become dispirited he is not fooled by this. He knows this feeling is meaningless and has no power over me. He simply comforts and soothes me and helps me find my feet again.


Welcome to the Way Home

Hi, I am Rev. Myron Jones. I am an ordained minister through Pathways of Light, and I am a student of A Course in Miracles. I want to extend a warm welcome to you. There are many articles here so please take your time and visit often. I hope you enjoy my website and I would love to hear from you. Click here for my contact information.


When I first started studying A Course in Miracles, I thought it was very complicated and very hard to do. The longer I practice its principles, the simpler it seems to be. There is still a lot of information that helps me to know why I practice as I do, but the practice itself is what is simple, and the practice is all that matters. The Course is not something to be learned, but something to be lived. Here is the way I live it. I stay as aware as I can of my thoughts because change happens only at this level. If my thoughts are not completely loving, then I know that they need correction. I bring these wrong-minded thoughts to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to correct my thinking and heal my mind. I accept total responsibility for my life. No one is to blame for anything that happens to me. If it is in my life, I put it there. Everything in my life is there for my awakening. If it does not serve God, then it is there to be forgiven. As I forgive, I awaken from the dream to the truth of who I am in God, my perfect self just as God created me. Forgiveness is my purpose.


That is my practice: awareness, forgiveness, correction through the Holy Spirit. This is my way home.


In forgiving, I am not making error real, but rather I am accepting correction of my perceptions. If I see less than perfect love and complete innocence, then I am misperceiving. I am sorry I projected my errors onto the world and I am willing to withdraw those projections so that I can allow the Holy Spirit to correct them. That is my practice: awareness, forgiveness, correction through the Holy Spirit. This is my way home. I work well with a little structure, so I use the courses from Pathways of Light to help me accomplish my practice. These courses are extremely helpful in doing this, and it doesn’t seem to matter if I am facilitating courses or taking courses. Teaching and learning is truly the same thing. If you would like to practice with me, please let me know and we can choose a course to do together. If you would like spiritual counseling that is also available. If you would just like to talk about something, I would be glad to listen.

.Love, Rev. Myron Jones



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